Noa* Architects’ Charming Renovation Of An Italian Mountain Resort1 min read

The wooden barns date back to the 19th century, and have been reimagined by Noa* as mini chalets for guests to enjoy while on a skiing trip. As part of the extension, 24 rooms were added in seven new chalets, that exist alongside the 13 reworked rooms located in the central guesthouse; improving the venue’s capacity. The renovated hotel now includes a bar, lounge, restaurant and wine cellar fit with mountain-shaped shelves, alongside a wellness area with views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

The architects were tasked with the challenge of completing the renovation with as little modification to the surrounding environment as possible, so the new huts were prefabricated off-site. The project has brought the hotel’s original “log cabin” aesthetic back to life, whilst ensuring it remained a modern and luxurious travel destination. “We want to propose new models of life and hospitality that on the one hand recover traditional forms and materials”, explained founder of NOA*, Stefan Rier, and “on the other hand express quality of design, high levels of comfort and sustainability”.