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The charm of the Big Apple presents itself differently to its diverse residents, which means everyone loves it for different reasons.

For its 14th annual ‘Reasons to Love New York’ issue, the New York Magazine scales the city’s myriad places from “the weird corner and the weird hill” that fascinates Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda to comedian Nick Kroll’s favorite spot, the American Museum of Natural History.

All that aside, who could forget the Empire State Building, and by association, the giant pop culture symbol, ‘King Kong’? Gracing the issue’s cover is a charming illustration by Russian artist Dmitry Maximov, who reimagines an iconic scene to depict the gorilla’s true affections for NYC.

You could vent all your frustrations about it, but a top-down view of the city proves that it’s pretty amazing.

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On the cover of the latest @nymag: our 14th annual Reasons to Love New York issue. In this year’s version, all the reasons are places — some timeless, some odd, some secret, some soothing, some technically illegal to occupy, but each beloved by the people who chose them, from Lin-Manuel Miranda on a really weird street around 191st to @padmalakshmi on @kalustyans to @nickkroll on the American Museum of Natural History, and beyond. The cover image, by Russian artist Dmitry Maximov (@tebeinteresno), turns a classic movie trope on its head, infusing King Kong with his own feelings about the city. Tap the link in our bio now to read up on all 72 of the places that make New Yorkers love their city.

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