New Reality Show Wishes To Send People To Space With ‘No Return Ticket’2 min read

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Earthlings are now warming up to the idea of living on Mars. Earlier, SpaceX’s Elon Musk expressed his wish to relocate to the planet. That dream became more of a possibility, as NASA landed on Mars shortly after and snapped pictures to prove it.

For adventurous travelers who have already seen it all, any place that has been bogged down by gravity might appear to be the same-old, same-old. If you’re one of these gutsy souls, you could sign up to appear on a reality show that’s based in… Planet Mars. That’s right.

Mars One, a private Dutch company of aerospace professionals aiming to “establish a permanent human settlement on Mars,” is planning on a reality television show that will turn 24 humans into Martians. The team spent five years shortlisting a list of 4,200 interested participants to just 100 potential residents.

According to Mary Roach—public advocate of the program and author of Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void—if the Mars One mission pans out, it has the potential to be one of the greatest reality television events yet, and will boast a global audience.

“It’s Jersey Shore meets NASA meets American Idol,” she mused. “This might just work!”

The mission is still some ways down the road, though. The expedition to Mars is primed to take place in 2032, and will require a budget of US$6 billion. Currently, only US$1 million has been raised.

Nevertheless, the team has already begun its search for suitable residents of Mars based on five attributes: adaptability; curiosity; resiliency; ability to trust; creativity/resourcefulness.

If the Mars One operation gets the green light, candidates will have to take part in a decade-long course in a remote location, where they will be required to grow their own food, pick up medical skills, and repair technology.

These skills are necessary, as the potential astronauts will have “no return ticket” back to Earth.

One of the shortlisted candidates, Kay Radzik, expressed that the opportunity to take the one-way trip would let her have “something to look forward to,” and would finally help her escape “the mundanities of life.”

New York-based Julia Ngeow, who is directing a series comprising four episodes about candidates for this expedition, emphasized that the mission will serve humanity rather than individuals.

“It’s greater than the individual,” she said. “It’s being part of a larger thing for humanity.”

You can check out Mars One’s concept art depicting its lodging on the planet via the animation below.

[via International Business Times, video via Shutterstock, cover image via Shutterstock]