New Japanese Currency Receives Cute Redesigns By Unimpressed Internet Users1 min read

Image via Ministry of Finance, Japan

Japan recently announced new currency designs, but they fail to please everybody, inviting criticism on social media and even prompting innovative Twitter users to overhaul the notes with anime characters and animals.

Some Twitter users find problems with the new designs’ lack of novelty, noting how similar the banknotes now compare to many worldwide, while others rant about the purported low quality of the new typefaces on the currency when placed side-by-side with the old ones. Another point of contention lies in the call for digital currency and a waste of resources in redesigning the paper note.

Still, others have begun reimagining the banknotes with Japanese pop culture icons such as Sailor Moon and other famous anime characters. Others even throw the famous Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu into the mix, claiming that these revamps might do better than the current ones.

Whatever your opinions of the new currency designs might be, it is hard not to agree that the ones redesigned by Twitter users bring more surprise and creativity to the table.

[via Japan Times, image via Ministry of Finance, Japan]