Left: ‘Iron Man’ Right: ‘Sun Wukong’

Famous “Monkey King” ‘Sun Wukong’ from the 16th century classic story Journey to the West is making headlines.

The classic movie shows the “Monkey King” armed with supernatural powers and travels through heaven and hell. In the modern adaptation titled Armored Warfare God: Sun Wukong, he has gotten himself a new makeover complete with gold high-tech armored suit to appeal to the modern audience.

However, social media users noticed that the character has a similar look to Marvel’s ‘Iron Man’. According to Shanghaiist and Abacus News, viewers called the movie a “cheap ‘Iron Man’ knockoff with bad CGI.” Speaking about the similarity, one Weibo user commented, “I have only one question… Isn’t that shameful?”

Social media users pointed out the resemblance between ‘Sun Wukong’ and ‘Iron Man’. The “Monkey King” has an armored suit that is in red and gold, similar to that of ‘Iron Man’s’. The midair battles and how the part where ‘Sun Wukong’s’ armors assembled itself on its body in the warehouse looks just like the scene in Iron Man 3.

The filmmakers however, did not deny that the film looks similar to Iron Man. In fact, they also drew inspirations from movies such as Transformers and Gundam.

Despite the stark similarities, the production team said the point of creating the movie is to show that this armored hero belongs to China. The team wish to overcome the difficulties and present a “Chinese-made smart armor” to the world.

[via Comicbook, opening image via Marvel UK, MemesDank]

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