Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Behind-The-Scenes Reveals How It Was Made1 min read

Netflix has taken interactive storytelling to a new level with the latest release of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch film, which follows a “choose-your-own-adventure”-style viewer experience.

As some would have already imagined, creating Bandersnatch with five potential endings is anything but straightforward, mainly due to the myriad unique combinations on how the story can unfold based on the options picked by the viewer.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker shared, “Netflix asked us if we’d be interested in doing an interactive story ever. My initial thought was ‘no, I don’t want to do that.’”

To give you a better idea on the project’s complexities, Netflix has released a special behind-the-scenes featurette that shares how the team fused technology, design, innovation and storytelling into one of its most talked about editions yet.

In other Netflix news, the streaming service has issued an official warning urging people to stop doing the ‘#BirdBoxChallenge’.

[via Netflix, main image via video screenshot]