NASA Launches Mice In Space, And Their Apparent Joy Is Adorable1 min read

Image via NASA video

NASA recently sent a bunch of rodents, kept in a specially constructed habit, to the International Space Station. The objective? To study how well the mice could adapt to microgravity, it details in a blog post.

Now, the space agency has released a special online clip of the mice’s behavior in space for all to see. The footage shows that the furry rodents are highly adaptable to the lack of gravity in space, arguably more than humans.

In the beginning, the poor creatures seem confused as they try to figure out which way is up in their tiny cages. However, they quickly begin to get accustomed to their environment, using microgravity to their advantage.

From day 11 onwards, things begin to get exciting. The mice are seen running around the cage walls, treating the setup like a hamster wheel. When they land back on earth, the animals resume their normal behavior.

Whatever the video means for NASA going forward, animal lovers can be relieved that their rodent friends were not only unharmed in the experiment but seem to have been enjoying themselves.

[via BGR, video and cover image via NASA Video]