Mysterious OnePlus prototype spotted, could it be the OnePlus 7?2 min read

The OnePlus 6T has proven extremely popular since its launch, especially in the US where it is backed by T-Mobile. But with 2019 just around the corner, OnePlus has already begun work on the OnePlus 7 and its 5G flagship. These aren’t expected to arrive until Q2 2019 but today a new leak has provided a glimpse at what could be an early prototype.

Published by Ishan Agarwal, the photo in question appears to have been taken during a recent meeting at the company’s headquarters. In it, CEO Pete Lau can be seen going over a product slide which contains renders of the prototype in question. Meanwhile, one key employee has a white prototype of the smartphone in his hands and on top of the table sits a red version.
It’s claimed that the device shown in the photo is still in the designing stages. This means that the final version could potentially look entirely different. If the Chinese brand was to opt for this look, though, it would mark a significant departure from its recent designs. After all, the relatively minimal dual-camera setup seen on the OnePlus 6 series has been replaced with a huge Motorola-like camera module which presumably contains multiple sensors. Unfortunately, the smartphone’s front panel design remains unclear at this moment in time.
As mentioned above, this particular prototype could be an early version of the OnePlus 7 or the company’s 5G flagship. But, in any case, these aren’t expected to arrive until May 2019 at the earliest which means consumers are still in for a pretty long wait.

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