A British arts engineering company has built the “world’s first robot artist” that is capable of drawing people without input from humans.

The AI robot called ‘Ai-Da’ is able to sketch people who pose for her, using a pencil and the microchip located in her eye. ‘Ai-Da’ is operated using algorithms that process human features and enable her to draw, as well as paint portraits of subjects with her bionic hand.

The designer of the robot Aidan Meller is overseeing its construction by engineers at Cornwall-based Engineered Arts.

According to Meller, the innovation is named after the first female computer programmer, Ada Lovelace. Meller hopes that ‘Ai-Da’ will soon be able to communicate with her audience and answer questions from them.

Makers of ‘Ai-Da’ reported that the robot will have a “RoboThespian” body that allows her to move and talk to people. The cameras in her eyeballs enable her to recognize human features and make eye contact. Marcus Hold, a design and production engineer at Engineered Arts, said that the AI running her computer vision allows her to recognize facial features and mimic human expressions.

Specialists working on ‘Ai-Da’ will also attach hairs to her eyebrows, and use “Mesmer” technology for her facial features, thereby making the android appear more life-like. The bot will appear racially-mixed with long dark hair, 3D-printed teeth, and silicone skin.

‘Ai-Da’ will be part of an exhibition called Unsecured Futures at the University of Oxford in May, and her drawings will be displayed in London come November.

[via Reuters, opening video screenshot via Reuters]

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