Male Police Officer Pretends To Be Woman In Hilarious Anti-Catfishing Campaign1 min read

Video screenshots via Shunde Police Department

You’ve probably seen those mind-blowing transformations of Chinese makeup artists turning into the spitting image of Taylor Swift and other celebrities.

While amusing, it turns out that there could be a downside to these uncanny makeovers, as a police department in the Shunde district of Foshan, Guangdong hilariously warns.

The Chinese precinct has debuted an amusing video that shows a policeman dressing up to look like a “beautiful woman” using pro makeup skills, a wig, and feminine attire.

It doesn’t take long before his ruse is up, though. 10 seconds into the clip, the man is nabbed by an officer in uniform, who arrests him for partaking in online romance scams.

According to Shanghaiist, the ad has been viewed over six million times. It really helps a campaign if it features a “beautiful woman.”

One internet user from Chinese social network Weibo muses, “He’s so pretty it’s making me jealous, and I’m female!”

[via Shanghaiist, video via South China Morning Post, video screenshots via Shunde Police Department]