Makeup Brand Gets Flak For Using ‘Toxic Masculinity’ To Sell Cosmetics To Men2 min read

Image via War Paint

War Paint, a makeup brand for men, recently rolled out a campaign that went on to fetch a stunning 2.5 million views on Twitter and other social media platforms. This might sound like great news for the emerging label at first, but diving deeper, the attention does not seem to be all that positive.

The short ad shows a heavily-tattooed man using holding War Paint products and having them on his table without actually using them as makeup.

Instead, he is seen flexing and putting on a prominent skull ring. Despite being a makeup ad, there is no scene showing how the cosmetics would appear on his face.

Viewers have mocked the ad for showing hyper-masculine ideals while not really focusing on the quality of the products, with Twitter users using flexing, lifting and skull emojis to add to their sarcasm.

To top it off, the brand has issued an Instagram post showing a man with large biceps holding a makeup sponge to his face. He also sports tattoos and an over-the-top bulge in Calvin Klein underwear, which has been suspected to be stuffed with a sock.

However, the founder of the company says he is armed with good intentions. UK-based Daniel Gray has explained that he started the brand for men because he wears makeup and has been through body dysmorphia after being bullied in middle school, according to Vox.

War Paint’s Instagram page also features other men who do not fit hyper-masculine stereotypes. The brand has since taken down the viral ad from its Twitter account after the backlash.

[via Vox, cover image via War Paint]