London Fashion Week Photographers Fooled By Guy In Deliberately Horrible Outfit1 min read

Fashion trends can get a little weird sometimes, and YouTubers Zac and Jay have decided to bank on the oddities of the industry to see if they could fake their way into London Fashion Week 2019.

In the 15-minute video below, the duo show the elaborate steps that they had taken to capture the attention of the fashion photographers.

The two sought Max Fosh, a “confident, unfashionable, blank canvas of a man,” and dressed him up in off-beat apparels to wow onlookers at the sidewalks of London.

Max Fosh, whose fake model name is Maximilian Bucharest, actually had photographers paying heed to his getup. They swarmed him to get pictures of the faux supermodel, who was really a guy dressed in deliberately ridiculous garb.

“The photographers were out in force, risking life and limb standing in the busy road,” Zac and Jay comment. “But they didn’t care. The hottest man in fashion was in town.”

[via PetaPixel, opening image via The Zac and Jay Show]