London City Airport Reveals Striking New Identity That Reflects River Thames2 min read

New logo

London City Airport (LCA) has created a new striking visual identity to welcome more passengers and reinforce its position as London’s most central hub.

While the old branding was geared towards business travelers, LCA discovered that more people had traveled for leisure between June and September last year.

The rebrand coincides with a £500 million (US$661 million) airport development programme that aims to feature new facilities, spaces and flights for passengers.

LCA teamed up with design agency The Allotment to create a “contemporary brand identity” that speaks particularly to leisure travelers. The studio’s managing director, Paul Middlebrook, hopes the overhaul would emphasize on how the airport is “the heart of London.”

The new logo sees the word “London” spelled out with a heart in the middle of the letter “O”. The surrounding characters are shaped into a plus sign.

The studio decided to go with a modified version of the typeface ‘Gilroy’ for the logo which is “clear” and “familiar,” according to Middlebrook.

Additionally, the emblem is set in green and blue gradients to mirror elements in the city, with the words “City Airport” situated at bottom-right corner in all-caps. Bright green reflects London’s parks, while the blue mirrors River Thames.

The branding also arrives in versions that see the “city airport” tagline and heart in either blue or white.

Middlebrook hopes that the “modern and dynamic” overhaul will also appeal to business travelers as well. As such, it has collaborated with business consultancy The Storytellers to redefine the airport’s vision and values.

A promotional film created by design studio Intercity will also be part of the new branding, and shows areas from around London, all marked with the new heart-shaped icon.

The new branding will be rolled out in LCA’s social media platforms and across physical touchpoints of the airport in the coming months.

Old logo

[via Designweek, opening image via London City Airport]