LOL: David Beckham Falls For James Corden’s Horrible Fake Statue Of Him2 min read

It’s a goal for James Corden, who has just pulled an epic stunt on soccer star David Beckham.

The host of The Late Late Show with James Corden described that it took him more than two months to sculpt a mock statue of Beckham. Finally on Monday night, the stunt was unveiled for all to enjoy.

Recently, Beckham traveled to Los Angeles as he had a sculpture commissioned in his honor by his former soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy.

However, Corden found out that Beckham hadn’t seen the finished statue, so he hired a crew to fashion one.

Covered in gold, Corden’s version of Beckham’s statue sees the soccer star’s likeness with a pronounced chin, demonic eyes, inexplicably long arms and a rather huge butt.

When Beckham saw it, his reaction was priceless.

“It’s slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago. I mean, look at my chin. It doesn’t really look nothing like me. I mean, look at my eyes. The only thing that’s good is that hair and that’s about it. I really don’t see how this can go out,” he said. “If my kids were to see this, I think they’d just cry, to be honest.”

Later, a forklift driver came out and “accidentally” knocked over the statue, smashing it into pieces. Corden then revealed himself and admitted to being behind the entire stunt.

[via CNN, opening image via The Late Late Show With James Corden]