Kylie Jenner Reveals Why Her Wallpaper Design Always Looks So ‘Dirty’ In Photos1 min read

Image via Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Stories

Kylie Jenner’s home décor isn’t the sort you would discover while flipping through magazines on interior design. It’s adorned with condom art, and her wallpaper looks as if it’s been smudged with grime.

The reality star, now deemed the “youngest self-made billionaire” in the world, wishes to put it out there that her wall isn’t actually filthy.

While the backdrop appears to be stained, Jenner points out that the splotches were a deliberate design decision—they’re actually glittery rose gold “splatters,” but appear “dirty” to people under low lighting.

“For those who always ask, it’s a wallpaper, and it’s like rose gold splatters all over my walls,” the socialite determines in a series of Instagram stories.

Here’s one design lapse that she probably could not have foreseen.

[via ELLE, video via kyliesnapchat, images via various sources]