Kylie Jenner’s new skincare brand is coming under fire even though it has not even been launched yet.

After the success of her makeup label, Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty mogul ventured into a skincare brand called Kylie Skin, and its first range is set to drop on 22 May. Upcoming products include a face wash, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and a controversial face scrub, which has raised a few eyebrows.

According to a tweet from Kylie Skin, the ‘Walnut Face Scrub’ is made of “fine walnut powder” and “is gentle yet very effective,” as well as “buffs away dead skin cells.”

Jenner herself claims to use the product three times a week as part of her skincare routine. While it gets her stamp of approval, the facial scrub has caught the attention of beauty lovers, who have warned other social media users against purchasing it as walnuts are an exfoliant that might “mess with your skin barrier” and damage skin.

Beauty influencer Kathleen Fuentes says these scrubs are “too abrasive for the skin” and might “cause tiny scratches” on the skin. A Twitter user also says it is “horrifying” that, despite having access to the best dermatologists, Jenner still decided to release a walnut-focused skincare item.

Dr Whitney Bowe tells People that walnut face scrubs are generally safe to use if the nuts are “ground into fine powder,” but doesn’t recommend it to her patients. Walnuts can cause micro-tears in the skin and damage one’s skin barrier, she adds. It can also trigger inflammation, which might worsen acne, eczema or lead to premature aging.

Bowe recommends chemical exfoliation, as it is more gentle. Chemical exfoliation contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acid (BHAs) that dissolves dead skin cells.

[via Cosmopolitan, opening image via Kylie Skin]

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