Klipsch’s Cool Wireless Earbuds In A Sleek Steel Case Rivals Apple’s ‘AirPods’1 min read

Though other brands have tried to compete against Apple’s wireless ‘AirPods’ with similar audio accessories, Klipsch’s cool new entry might be one of the sleekest models yet.

The brand recently announced its ‘T5 True Wireless Headphones’, set to make an appearance at the upcoming CES 2019 that runs from 8 to 11 January.

According to Gizmodo, the ‘T5’ can survive for eight hours on a complete charge, but this battery lifespan is enhanced to 24 hours with intermittent dockings inside its Zippo lighter-like, stainless steel case.

Don’t expect it to come at a wallet-friendly price like Xiaomi’s US$30 ‘AirDots’ though. The ‘T5’ is expected to retail at US$199—US$40 more than Apple’s US$159 ‘AirPods’—when it hits North America in June at the earliest. Reviews for its audio quality has yet to surface. The accessory also won’t offer the additional features provided by Apple’s ‘AirPods’ when connected to an iOS device.

[via Gizmodo, main image via Klipsch Audio]