Kim Kardashian Owns Her Psoriasis In Response To Tabloid’s ‘Bad Skin Day’ Claims2 min read

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As you might have observed by now, spectators of the Kardashian clan haven’t been too kind to them. The latest piece of criticism Kim Kardashian had to flog came from the Daily Mail, which claimed she had a “bad skin day.”

“It’s psoriasis,” she responded in a tweet.

Fast forward about a week later, and the socialite is still attempting to educate followers on what psoriasis does to the skin.

The star posted a series of Instagram stories to offer viewers a glimpse of how she deals with her skin condition.

“Psoriasis is the sh**s!” she wrote in one of the photos, which showed her cheeks, chin, forehead and under-eye area being dabbed with dark spots. She later revealed that the patches came from a herbal ointment she was using to treat the condition.

In another photo, Kim Kardashian showed her legs with red spots, which she labeled as, “sexy.”

For the uninitiated, psoriasis involves skin cells building up to form red, scaly, and itchy patches on the skin. It doesn’t have a known cure yet, but there are ways to keep it under control.

The reality star’s attempt to raise awareness about the skin condition has been applauded by fans. In an Instagram post by UK charity Psoriasis Association, Kim Kardashian is lauded for “being so open about her experiences.”

“This serves to highlight how psoriasis pays no attention to wealth, fame or influence,” the nonprofit points out. “It’s a condition that can affect people from all walks of life.”

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