KFC’s Ad Of Dancing Duo Gets Banned For Portraying ‘Unsafe Practice’

Video screenshot via Gurjit Degun

A 10-second television spot by KFC has been battered down for supposedly promoting “unsafe practice,” and has thus been banned by UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from appearing again in its present form.

The clip, produced by creative agency Mother London, features a man and woman dancing on the top of a building before digging into a snack box. A complainant addressed concerns about the female, who appeared to be bopping on the edge of the roof, claiming that her behavior might encourage others to place themselves in similarly compromising situations.

The advertising watchdog has since ruled that the ad could encourage “unsafe practice.” The fast food chain, however, maintained that the woman was not on the edge of the roof, but near a wall on the rooftop floor.

ASA noted KFC’s stance, but argued that “the camera angles and shots… depicted the woman as dancing on the edge of a rooftop.”

Further, the venue shown “was a realistic environment” that young viewers could “gain access to,” the watchdog detailed.

The commercial has been barred from presenting itself in its current form, the ASA concluded. You can watch a reuploaded version of it below.

[via B&T, video and cover image via Gurjit Degun]

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