Key Graphic Design Skills To Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game In 20192 min read

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No matter your age, continuous learning is a great practice and attitude to cultivate for constant progress.

Similar to many other specializations, a designer’s role is continuously evolving due to the way people live and work in today’s digital age. Bill Strohacker, the principal director of Strohacker Design School, stresses the importance of continued professional development to stay relevant across this fluid digital landscape.

To help you pinpoint the vital skills needed to stay ahead of the game as a graphic designer in 2019, Tom May of Creative Bloq has helpfully summed up 10 such proficiencies that you can work on this year.

Preview a handful of the skills below and access the complete list on Creative Bloq.

UX Design

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As the world gets increasingly digital, user experience (UX) design has become more valued than ever. There is an increasing demand for capable UX designers to help brands cultivate pleasant, user-friendly interactions with customers online.

Lee Carroll, senior interaction designer at UK-based multidisciplinary creative studio Seymourpowell, explains that getting familiar with UX design does not mean you have to pursue a career in this path.

Instead, Carroll advises graphic designers to strive for a “wide and deep ‘T-shape’ with knowledge and appreciation for other disciplines[,] but with a specialism that they excel in.”

By learning how to speak the language of UX design, graphic designers will be better equipped to communicate well with designers in this field and work more seamlessly when building a project.

AI / AR / VR

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Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and even mixed reality have become progressively popular over the years.

Vanessa Eckstein, D&AD Design Jury President 2018 and principal at Blok Design, encourages graphic designers to keep their eyes on developments in these fields, since they will be building identities and branding that might be used together with such technologies.

Getting savvy in these innovations will help graphic designers better decide how such technologies might associate with the needs of certain brands and garner fresh opportunities.

Problem Solving

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With so much going on in the world these days, it’s important for graphic designers to avoid getting carried away by visuals alone.

Even if something looks extremely nice, it won’t succeed if it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem at hand.

As UX Director Steve Fisher puts it, design is about solutions and only about aesthetics.

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