Kendall Jenner’s Doppelgänger Has Eyes Strikingly Similar To The Supermodel’s1 min read

Image via magicinfoto /

While a Namibian model stunned the internet as a spitting image of Mean Girls’ ‘Regina George’, elsewhere in the world, a lookalike of supermodel Kendall Jenner has internet users doing a double take.

The woman, who goes by the private Instagram account @khxlifa_, seems to be Jenner’s doppelgänger in a hijab.

Instagram account @muslimglam featured her portrait on its account, shown below, where she looks straight into the camera while wearing a hijab and covered top. Her distinct eyebrows and eyes look uncannily alike those of Jenner’s.

Take a look at the similarities below.

[via muslimglam, opening image via magicinfoto /]