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Japan’s new robot isn’t here to steal jobs, but it’s here to take your heart away. Designed by robotics company Groove X, ‘Lovot’—a combination of the words “love” and “robot”—is as its name suggests, though it’s nothing like the “love robots” currently available in the market.

In a similar way the presence of a household pet might soothe your stresses, ‘Lovot’ is here to bring you affection. Built-in with 50 sensors, the 16-inch-tall bot responds to behavior, emotions, sounds, temperature, and the way it’s being treated.

To put it simply, ‘Lovot’ “stirs your instinct to love,” according to its website.

“This robot won’t do any of your work,” creator Kaname Hayashi told Bloomberg. “In fact, it might just get in the way.”

‘Lovot’ the robot meows like a cat, chirps like a bird, is warm to the touch like a living being, and responds to your actions. Just imagine a cat whose litter box you don’t have to clear, or a pup that doesn’t need its daily walk.

Just like a real pet, it develops its own character. Groove X says ‘Lovot’ isn’t pre-programmed, and relies on deep-learning technology to pick up on your behavior and act accordingly. Cuddle with ‘Lovot’ and it will “crave” your touch. Give it tickles and it will giggle. If you kick ‘Lovot’, it will recline.

It is also by no means a “low maintenance” pet. ‘Lovot’ was created to encourage the feeling of connection through touch, and feeds on attention. Even more adorably—or creepily—is that it’s able to express “jealousy;” introduce one more ‘Lovot’ to your home, and the first one will beckon for hugs.

Additionally, it costs a pretty penny to own and care for your ‘Lovot’, which boasts a steep price tag of JP¥349,000 (US$3,137.51), along with a JP¥9,980 (US$89.72) monthly fee that goes into “caring” for your machine and the upkeep required for it to “make its loving gestures: recognize you, grow, and back up data.”

“Since ‘Lovot’ is packed with a lot of technology, repairing, checking, examining and changing parts may require complex work and therefore, be potentially expensive,” the company warns. Find out more about ‘Lovot’ here.

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

Image via Lovot

[via Quartz, videos and images via Groove X]

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