Japan Counts Down To 2020 Tokyo Olympics With Adorable Redesigned Pictograms1 min read

With 500 days to go before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Tokyo organizing committee has unveiled new pictograms that will be employed during the Games.

Tokyo was the first to use Olympic pictograms, and had deployed them way back during the 1964 Tokyo Games. Following which, the rest of the world began adopting the graphics.

All 50 new designs pay homage to the 1964 pictograms, and will be used for signposting, as well as displayed on tickets and communication materials.

Each symbol features a sporting category, and illustrates key features of the relevant activity.

Inspired by the original 1964 designs, the new pictograms are tweaked to make it easier for the public to comprehend each sporting category.

For example, the judo symbol previously depicted a black-belt wearing judoka, but the new one shows a rival being thrown. The 2020 basketball pictogram also shows a player dunking a ball.

Graphic designer Masaaki Hiromura, who is part of the team that created the new graphics, described of being proud to have been born in the founding nation of Olympic pictograms.

Another member of the design crew, printmaker Tsunao Harada, explained that the new symbols reflect the “dynamism of the events,” and are “great to look at.”

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[via The Japan News, opening image via Tokyo 2020]