Jameela Jamil Bares Her Thigh Cellulite In Photo As She Adores ‘Every Inch’1 min read

Image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Cellulite is part and parcel of the ever-changing body. It doesn’t just live with the girl-next-door, but it also grows on the bodies of celebrities, many of whom have their photos airbrushed to show nary a bump.

The Good Place star and outspoken body activist Jameela Jamil has a special name for these features that society has so negatively branded as flaws: “babe” marks. Jamil previously showed off her breast stretch marks on social media to remind followers that the streaks are unique to everybody and are a “normal, beautiful thing.”

This time, she draws fans’ attention to her “babe-bumps,” referring to her cellulite. On Instagram, Jamil has shared an unretouched photo of the cellulite on her thighs, remarking that she “love[s] every inch.”

“They’re human. Thank your body today. It’s your friend,” she urges.

For awhile now, the star has been standing up against brands and celebrities who seemingly promote unhealthy body expectations through not only an overuse of Photoshop, but also through advertisements of diet products.

[via Yahoo Lifestyle, images via various sources]