Insane Hollywood Film Camera Techniques That Will Leave Your Mouth Agape1 min read

Late last year, DesignTAXI showed you why things in commercials don’t look the same in reality.

In the same vein, professional photographer-and-filmmaker Peter McKinnon lays bare the behind-the-scenes from creative food ads, film scenes, and more, that could very likely leave you wide-eyed and mouth agape.

The first example is an ad for Hershey’s that sees the chocolate bar seamlessly melting onto crackers with the help of an industrial press, which gets removed in post-process.

The second instance is a one-take recreation of movie posters featuring the likes of Forrest Gump, Mad Men, and others that was filmed so well, it might have you believing it was pure CGI.

Several examples in McKinnon’s video was also featured in the previous behind-the-scenes of food ads that reveal the clever tricks food stylists use to market their clients’ products.

Get ready for more amazing camera tricks including scenes from the Bourne film series below.

[via Peter McKinnon, main image via video screenshot]