Infographic: Positive Lifestyle Habits To Improve Quality Of Life And Longevity1 min read

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Are you eating healthily and exercising regularly but still feeling like you could do more to enjoy a better quality of life?

David McCandless, founder of Information is Beautiful, has visualized the lifestyle behaviors that could potentially extend a person’s lifespan. The data is based on scientific studies color-coded according to their strengths—suggestive, good, and strong.

According to the infographic, sleeping too much isn’t necessarily a good thing. “7 hours [of sleep is] ideal, but no more than 8 hours a night. Less sleep is better than 8+ hours.”

Strong scientific evidence points towards a smoke-free lifestyle where one practices healthy eating habits combined with regular exercise.

The tongue-in-cheek ultimate recipe though, is to marry a “happy-go-lucky outdoors-loving sex-mad hippy party-girl in senior management with a cat.”

Click on the image below to view the full infographic.

[via My Modern Met, main image via Shutterstock]