‘Infinity War’ Scene Might Not Be What It Seems, Confirm Marvel Studios’ Artists1 min read

Video screenshot via GoodOrBad Trailer

After ‘Thanos’ eliminated half of the world’s population in Avengers: Infinity War, you might remember the whole film easing down to a dreamy—albeit emotional—scene between ‘Thanos’ and a young ‘Gamora’.

Fans had assumed that the two were having a philosophical conversation in the ‘Soul World’, but VFX artists behind the film have now debunked this theory nearly a year after it premiered.

In a recent interview with IGN, Kelly Port, Visual Effects Supervisor at digital production firm Digital Domain, and Dan DeLeeuw, Marvel Studios’ Visual Effects Supervisor, revealed that the saccharine-looking location doesn’t have an official name.

In fact, Port divulged, “I don’t think it’s a place that actually exists.”

Instead, the film’s crew members refer to this destination simply as a “way station.”

“[F]rom a storytelling perspective, I thought it was really wonderful that that sequence stayed in there, because [it’s] really a nice kind of pause,” DeLeeuw added.

“It had this moment of reflection, which I thought was really nice just in the narrative, reflecting about what he has done.”

Essentially, the scene might just hail from the mind of ‘Thanos’, and possibly gives viewers a chance to sympathize with his decision to terminate half of the world, if not give him some closure.

[via IGN, images via GoodOrBad Trailer]