IKEA Teams Up With African Designers For Bold, Ethnical ‘ÖVERALLT’ Collection2 min read

IKEA has released a one-of-a-kind collection with an authentically African twist.

The furniture giant rolled out its ‘ÖVERALLT’ homeware range at the Design Indaba conference held in Cape Town, South Africa. The products were created in collaboration with creatives from five African nations, such as Selly Raby Kane from Senegal, Labuma Ngxokolo from South Africa and the Kenyan Design House Studio Propolis.

‘ÖVERALLT’ features African-centric textiles that allude to the beautiful African landscape and highlights the continent’s all-encompassing creativity. A recycled rug made from crisp packets, as well as a bench that actively encourages socializing, are just some of the pieces that make up the range.

The collection was produced in a partnership with Design Indaba, which picked which artists would be featured in the collection.

In explaining the rationale behind who was enlisted for the collaboration, Design Indaba’s founder, Ravi Naidoo, disclosed that their thinking processes were curated rather than the amount of experience that had in furniture design. Additionally, the artists appeared to be greater risk-takers who were unabashed about showcasing Africa’s flair to the world.

Selly Raby Kane’s product is a basket designed with faux braids that celebrates the African ritual of braiding, created in hopes that the rest of the world would take interest in African customs.

Issa Diabaté from the Ivory Coast, who is an architect and designer by trade, fused art and functionality with a multi-purpose chair designed from a single piece of plywood. This functional chair was conceptualized to be akin to a jigsaw block fitted together without a single use of mechanical fixings.

Meanwhile, Laduma Ngxokolo contributed a rug made up of geometric shapes that exemplify his culture and experience as an African artist. He aspires that every shred of the rug would be able to illustrate his journey and ultimately provide inspiration and hope.

IKEA has long collaborated with big-name players such as Virgil Abloh, Ilise Crawford and Teenage Engineering. However, in this new twist where Africa travels north to Scandinavia, the company has truly gone worldwide.

The ‘ÖVERALLT’ homeware range also features the work of IKEA’s in-house creatives, and is scheduled to launch worldwide this year.

[via Dezeen, opening image via IKEA]