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Brace yourself, the labyrinths at IKEA are going to get longer. In a bid to gain foothold in Asia, the Swedish giant has announced its plans to open its largest store ever in Manila, Philippines by 2020, in addition to building its first urban Japanese store in Tokyo.

According to Bloomberg, the location will measure at 65,000 square meters (700,000 square feet)—nearly twice the size of an average IKEA store, which measures at approximately 35,000 square meters (380,000 square feet).

For context, the space will be a little larger than 150 basketball courts, says Christian Rojkjaer, Managing Director at IKEA Southeast Asia.

A capital of ₱7 billion (US$133 million) will be spent to construct and stock the store, which is poised to hold 9,000 products. It will also be used to employ a force of 500 staffers.

The outlet, which will be a part of SM Prime Holdings Inc.’s supermall, Mall of Asia, will be two-stories-tall, and will host a warehouse, e-commerce facility and call center that will cater to over five million homes within a 60-minute radius.

As long as it’s easy to get to those meatballs, customers should be good.

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