Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has made its name as a complex interactive story with numerous non-linear scenes, which has been deemed tough to pirate.

While there are five official endings, a secret conclusion that leads to a playable game has been discovered hidden within a surreptitious post-credits scene.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

In this covert ending, ‘Stefan Butler’ (played by Fionn Whitehead) is seen riding on the same bus he had taken to visit Tuckersoft at the start of the film. While previous options allowed the viewer to choose either to listen to the ‘Thompson Twins’ or ‘Now 2’ tapes, the post-credit scene sees ‘Butler’ pulling out a tape of the ‘Bandersnatch’ game he had built.

The tape plays a series of high-pitched audio, which you can listen to below, before the scene concludes.

Thanks to the amazing detective skills of internet users, fans have discovered that the audio symbolizes information for a ZX Spectrum computer, similar to what ‘Butler’ had used to craft his games.

When processed through a ZX Spectrum emulator, the sounds generate a QR code, viewable below, that links to a concealed page on the promotional Tuckersoft website that was made for the show.

In addition to ‘Nohzdyve’ and ‘Metl Hedd’, the page shows other unseen Tuckersoft games that pay homage to earlier episodes of Black Mirror.

Click into the page for ‘Nohzdyve’ however, and you’ll find a playable version of the game, provided you have a ZX Spectrum emulator.

The sequence to initiate the secret ending has been discovered to be:

Sugar puffs
Thompson twins
Go back
The Bermuda Triangle
Shout at Dad
Visit Dr. Haynes
Pull Earlobe
Take them
Follow Colin
Go back
Flush them
Hit desk
Pick up book
Throw tea over computer
Who’s there?
Try to explain
Tell him more
Fuck yeah
Fight her
Kick him in the balls
Who’s there?
White Bear symbol
Back off
Kill dad
Bury body
He jumped
Chop or bury?
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Pick up photo
White Bear symbol
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Get rabbit from dad
White Bear symbol
Chop up body
Destroy computer
Get rabbit from dad

[via The Independent, main image via IMDb]

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