HBO Sends ‘GoT’ Fans On Search To Find Six Iron Thrones Hidden Around The World1 min read

While the final season of fan-favorite series Game of Thrones will only be aired next month, HBO has created a challenge to get viewers involved in the finale.

The cable network has trotted the globe to hide six life-sized iron thrones, inviting fans to locate them in a worldwide treasure hunt.

According to the show’s official Instagram account, one of the iron thrones is hidden in a wooded area; audiences get to uncover more clues through a 360-degree video via the film’s YouTube channel.

The accompanying caption says, “Begin your Quest #ForTheThrone.” Each iron throne comes with a timer that shows how much time fans have left before the next one gets teased. The clock stops once someone discovers a throne, to which HBO will hint the whereabouts of the next.

Head over to to learn more about the challenge. Game of Thrones airs 14 April on HBO.

[via Highsnobiety, opening image via Game of Thrones]