Green-Hued Chicago River Turns Into A Green Screen For Cheeky Photoshoppers2 min read

Image via Shutterstock

On Sunday, landmarks around the world went green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Chicago was one of them, and had kept up with its annual tradition of dyeing its river for the holiday.

This year, social media users got really creative upon discovering that the brightly-hued waters were tantamount to a giant green screen used for visual effects.

“You: Oh look, they dyed the [Chicago] river green,” tweeted social media specialist Donnacha Kenny. “Me, an artist: Oh look, they dyed the river chroma key green.”

Parker Molloy, editor at Media Matters, thus took up the challenge of inserting the 1997 Chicago Bulls starting lineup in the river. She even composited the Avengers: Endgame trailer onto the makeshift green screen.

Check out some hilarious edits by witty internet users below; you might turn green with envy at how creative they are.

[via BroBible, cover image via Shutterstock]