Governor’s 3D ‘Trump’ Socks With Accompanying Comb Get Ridiculed By The Internet2 min read

Image via Amazon

Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser greeted US President Donald Trump in a very unusual manner, showing off his themed socks with a convincing hairdo.

Nungesser’s 3D socks have President Trump’s face on them, down to the large tufts of blonde hair for realistic effect.

Gumball Poodle is the company behind the socks, and specifies that the product is made in USA, true to Trump’s slogan. The US$30 socks even come with a tiny comb to straighten out the unruly hair.

Some Twitter users are remarking that the move is a “suck-up” attempt, with one pointing out that POTUS might not even be impressed by the gesture. Others have likened the move to an adult acting like a Belieber.

There is at least one fan who admits the socks bear close resemblance to Trump, which can be interpreted as a compliment of the over-the-top design. Interested buyers can get the unusual socks here.

[via Huffington Post, cover image via Amazon]