‘GoT’s Plot Twist Makes Things Awkward For Moms Who Named Their Babies Khaleesi1 min read

Image via IMDb

Following the wild popularity of Game of Thrones, the name ‘Daenerys’ has made its people’s lists of baby names. As a result, the number of mothers who have chosen the name ‘Khaleesi’ for their newborns has skyrocketed.

Data from the US Social Security Administration reveals that as many as 560 babies were named ‘Khaleesi’ in the US in 2018 alone. It was the 549th most popular name in the States last year.

However, the sudden change from ‘Dany’s righteous persona to one who is capable of raining dragon fire on the innocents has shocked and disappointed some mothers.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, a mother says that she is “kind of in shock,” and that it was not cool that the character’s “power trip took over.”

Others have seconded her by saying they feel mixed emotions about the name, as the outcome of what ‘Khaleesi’ now represents is no longer positive. One mother, Estrada, expresses relief at the misspelling of the character’s name given to her own daughter, Khalessi.

However, some moms remain staunch in their support, believing that the queen did nothing wrong because of the context of the situation.

For those who continue to grieve, the last hope remains that the ‘Mad Queen’ can turn it around in the finale.

[via INSIDER, cover image via IMDb]