‘GoT’s Maisie Williams Reveals Painstaking Costume Efforts To Hide Her Puberty1 min read

Image via Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Maisie Williams reflected on her experiences playing the daring ‘Arya Stark’ character in Game of Thrones during her teenage years. In order to give her a more convincing look for scenes where ‘Arya’ was pretending to be a boy, she was made to wear a chest strap to “reverse puberty.”

Williams started playing her character when she was 12. At first, the chest strap worked during the early phases of her puberty. “I had to wear, like, a strap just to reverse puberty for the first few years while ‘Arya’ was pretending to be a boy,” she told 60 Minutes during an interview. When she reached 15, things became more uncomfortable as the chest strap no longer worked and she was given a fake belly to even out the look.

The star candidly revealed, “I was about 15 years old—like, I kind of just want a boyfriend, honestly. I don’t want to wear this.” Her words are highly relatable to many teenagers.

Fortunately for her, the “suffering” was short-lived as she was given a bra as part of ‘Arya’’s new costume in season six, making her day.

[via Insider, video via 60 Minutes, cover image via Shutterstock]