Google’s Abstract Doodle Pays Homage To Artist’s £1 Million Creation1 min read

Today, Google honors Turkish artist Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid, born 118 years ago on 7 January 1901, with its abstract Doodle inspired by Zeid’s 1953 Towards a Sky art piece, which sold for slightly below £1 million (US$1.27 million) in 2017.

Video screenshot via Google Doodle Videos

“Her work blended elements of Islamic and Byzantine art with abstraction and other influences from the West,” explains the Google Doodle Videos YouTube channel, adding that, “Fahrelnissa Zeid was one of the first women to go to art school in Istanbul.”

Find out more about Zeid inside Tate’s short film below.

[via Google, videos via Google Doodle Videos and Tate, main image via Google]