‘Frozen 2’ Poster’s Cryptic Symbols Could Reveal Major Plot Clues About The Film2 min read

Images via Disney

Who says snowflakes lack substance? Along with a teaser trailer, Disney just released the first poster for Frozen 2, and it might bear more clues to the sequel than expected.

Josh Gad, who plays ‘Olaf’ in the Frozen movies, beckoned fans on Twitter to “look hard” at the poster, which shows a giant snowflake, for surprises. “Like how pretty a snowflake is up close,” he joked.

Leave it to the internet to not let it go. The first clue might hail from the four cryptic symbols in the crystals of the snowflake; keen-eyed fans have noticed the bottom-left motif in one of the scenes in the trailer, where ‘Anna’ is seen watching crystals falling from the sky:

Images via Disney and Walt Disney Animations Studio

The use of the single symbol in the footage leads some to believe that it represents winter, whereas the others symbolize the other three seasons. This speculation is in line with leaked promo artwork from December 2018, which pictures ‘Elsa’ and ‘Anna’ in autumn-friendly clothing.

There’s also a possibility that Frozen 2 will feature new princesses or rulers that represent the other seasons, in the same manner than ‘Elsa’ embodies winter.

Elsewhere, remember when ‘Olaf’ crooned about living his best life in the summer in the first Frozen movie? Cinema Blend suggests that the summer heat could end up overwhelming the snowman, as the trailer reveals a showdown between the powers of fire and ice that has him cowering behind ‘Elsa’:

Video screenshot via Walt Disney Animations Studio

Chills, literal chills. All the pieces of the puzzle will finally come together when Frozen 2 opens on 22 November, so stay tuned. Check out the trailer and poster for the Frozen sequel below.

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