Fashion Brand Calls Out Forever 21 For Using Its ‘PLEASURES’ Name On Apparels1 min read

Fashion giant Forever 21 has been called out for using the name of another brand on its garments.

LA-based company PLEASURES is displeased that Forever 21 is retailing garments that feature the word “PLEASURES” all over its designs and took to Instagram to express its dissatisfaction.

In a lengthy post, PLEASURES lamented about how major fashion brands are known to plagiarize the works of smaller labels due to their lack of “fear of lawsuit or backlash.”

“Fast-fashion corporations are notorious for stealing smaller brand’s hard work, ideas, and designs. Everyone knows it, but yet nothing is done about it,” PLEASURES wrote.

“@forever21 clearly views themselves as untouchable because they continue to steal designs from brands with no fear of lawsuit or backlash. The blatant stealing and bad press has not deterred their business. The lack of respect and integrity within the fashion realm is despicable, and the lack of creativity in their business is growing. We ask you for your help in stop letting @forever21 get away with this. The consumers hold the power. Feel free to let Forever 21 know your feelings on the subject. We thank you for being smarter than the average consumer and for knowing that we come from a place of true passion and dedication,” the post continued.

[via PLEASURES, opening image via Forever 21]