Ex-NASA Engineer Gets Back At Package Thieves With HomePod-Turned-Glitter Bomb1 min read

Mark Rober is getting back at parcel thieves with a glittery vengeance.

The former NASA engineer, who worked at NASA JPL for nine years—seven of which were spent on the Curiosity Rover—turned an Apple HomePod box into a spectacular glitter bomb to teach package pilferers a lesson.

Rober reveals that the idea came about after one of his deliveries was stolen from his doorstep. Even though the robber was captured on camera, the police wouldn’t do anything about it, as it wasn’t worth the resources to track the culprit.

Determined to bring justice to undelivered packets, Rober spent the next six months “engineering some vigilante justice.”

Rober selected glitter since it’s harmless, save for the fact that it gets everywhere and is essentially a pain in the behind to clean off.

The cheeky engineer used a spinning funnel to form the glitter cloud, added a ‘fart spray’ for extra kicks, and installed four LTE cameras so he—and you—could watch the device in action, before packing all this into a HomePod box with transparent packaging.

As a finishing touch, Rober credited the sender on the packaging label to iconic mischievous Home Alone character ‘Kevin McCallister’.

Have a look at what went down when it was picked up by the package thief below. Rober has also uploaded a video documenting its build here.

[via Mark Rober, main image via video screenshot]