Essential Phone available for $210 with Sprint installments, get it while you can1 min read

While waiting for that mysterious “next mobile product” from Andy Rubin’s Essential company, some of you might be interested in buying one of the first handsets with a notch at the eleventh hour.

Unfortunately, the Essential Phone is listed as “out of stock” on its manufacturer’s official website, where no new inventory will ever be added, according to company statements. The unlocked mobile device has also vanished from Best Buy, while a couple of third-party Amazon sellers are currently charging around $430 a pop, which hardly feels like a bargain.

But there’s no need to feel sorry if you missed all those crazy good deals… as long as you don’t mind committing to a Sprint monthly installment plan. Instead of paying $18.75 a month for a grand total of $450, “Now Network” subscribers can cough up just $210 or so all in all. 

That’s a measly $8.74 a month for two years with device payment plans over at Best Buy, and perhaps the coolest thing about this special offer is that you’re free to choose either a “Black Moon” or “Pure White” Essential Phone. There are also no bill credits involved, no trade-ins required, or any other strings attached.

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