Elon Musk Reveals What SpaceX’s ‘Starship’ Spacecraft Could Look Like1 min read

Back in November 2018, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX’s ‘BFR’ or ‘Big F*cking Rocket’, which could eventually send people to the moon and Mars, would be renamed to ‘Starship’.

SpaceX founder Musk recently tweeted a graphic of what the ‘Starship’ test vehicle could look like.

The trial vessel, which runs 30 feet across like its concluding version, has a shiny stainless steel body that takes a page from 1950s sci-fi. Unlike the final ‘Starship’, this rendition has no windows and comes shorter.

The test vehicle is slated to fly around March or April this year.

[via Engadget, main image via Elon Musk]