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e-commerce marketplace eBay has swiftly removed a listing for an artifact claiming to have belonged to Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.

Within 24 hours of the cathedral being engulfed in flames, a product described as “embers from the Notre Dame fire” surfaced on the site, in addition to t-shirts bearing the slogan “Je Suis Notre Dame.”

eBay immediately took down these listings over a breach of the platform’s policy, which ensures that items on its site aren’t “profit[ed] from human tragedy or suffering.”

The offending “embers” listing was fronted by a typical image of a burning log, and was accompanied with a message to bidders that read, “Grab a section of timber from the fire.”

Bids started at £0.99 (US$1.30), with the seller claiming that the piece would be shipped from the UK “with Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter” to the highest bidder.

The t-shirts, on the other hand, were promoted as “Fire Remember Tops” and were found on 14 separate listings.

All of these items were promptly removed by eBay, which also issued a warning to the merchants for seeking to “profit from human suffering or tragedy.”

[via ITV, opening image via Shutterstock]

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