Earlier this year, 88-year-old grandmother Concha Garcia Zaera, who hails from Valencia, Spain made headlines for her stunning digital art created using Microsoft Paint.

Her skill has not onlycaught the attention of 185,000 Instagram followers, but also Walt Disney Studios. The entertainment company invited Zaera to create the official film poster for its upcoming Mary Poppins Returns movie, a remake of the 1964 classic starring Julie Andrews, and described the result on Instagram as “a work of art” that was “practically perfect.”

In Spanish, Zaera shared her excitement with the poster reveal on her Instagram account @conchagzaera, saying, “It has been a great honor that @disneyspain wanted to count on me to announce the premiere of #ElRegresoDeMaryPoppins. It opens on December 21 and I’m looking forward to seeing it, I’ve always loved it.”

Zaera, formerly a fervent user of oil paints, discovered the Microsoft application over a decade ago while caring for her ailing husband, who disliked the smell of oil paints. One of Zaera’s granddaughters eventually introduced the octogenarian’s creative works to the Instagram platform in 2017, where her impressive art began garnering fans from around the world.

[via Euronews, main image via Disney Spain]

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