Image by Ryan Geraghty and featured with permission

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with any of Apple’s annual updates to its most beloved products, you’re not alone.

San Francisco-based industrial designer Ryan Geraghty knows how you feel. He’s translated his exasperation into a humorous parody project called ‘Dongle’, where he’s consolidated 16 adapters into one single USB-C connector, so “you don’t have to worry about running out of ports on your computer.”

Image by Ryan Geraghty and featured with permission

Geraghty explains on his website, “It can difficult to part with a favorite pair of headphones or replace an entire home entertainment system just because of a small port change.”

“However, continuing to support all of your cherished Apple products individually through periods of courageous innovation can be challenging—keeping track of dozens of dongles and carrying around an army of adapters.”

The spoof product page even includes an FAQ section that answers queries about tangled wires, the plugging in of multiple USB devices and inspiration for the design.

In one instance, the infamous wear-and-tear of Apple’s charging cables comes to mind with the words, “‘Dongle’ is built to the same material standards and quality control as a premium Apple product, you can expect the wires to last as long as those on any traditional Apple dongle.”

Though in the FAQ section Geraghty playfully credits inspiration to seeing a giant squid on a nature documentary, his footnote adds, “[A]fter traveling halfway around the world with a new computer, I went to plug in my mouse to do some CAD work and realized there were no USB ports. This 3D model was made and rendered using only the trackpad on a MacBook Pro—half out of necessity, half out of spite.”

The designer further highlights, “Any and all jabs made at Apple are done so out of a combination of admiration and constructive criticism.”

Check out more from the comical ‘Dongle’ parody below.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Image by Ryan Geraghty and featured with permission

[via Ryan Geraghty and featured with permission]

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