DC Comics’ ‘Superman’ Pays Tribute To Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee1 min read

The passing of Stan Lee has saddened fans worldwide. However, it’s not only the Marvel universe that is heartbroken by Lee’s passing, but also DC Comics’ ‘Superman’.

As a tribute to Lee, the ‘Superman’ statue located outside the heart of Metropolis, Illinois has been adorned with a black armband. The statue sits outside the Super Museum, which houses the history and memorabilia related to ‘Superman’.

Although ‘Superman’ is part of DC Comics and is not a character created by Lee, the ‘Man of Steel’ still pays his respects through this black band that symbolizes a period of mourning.

Aside from Marvel Comics and Disney, DC Comics has also released a statement following Lee’s death. DC Comics described Lee as someone who has changed the way people perceive heroes. His infectious enthusiasm reminds fans why they love his comics so much. The message concludes with “Excelsior, Stan.”

[via Comicbook, opening image via IMDB]