Crocs-Themed Bags Are Here So You Can Step Up Your Street Cred1 min read

Image via Optari

If you’re one of those who tend to match their bags with their shoes, there’s finally a carrier that would pair perfectly with your Crocs.

Online store Optari specializes in purses and totes that look suspiciously familiar. While the brand hasn’t named its muse, one can surmise that its bags are inspired by Crocs’ iconic foam clogs.

Most notable is its ‘Sol’ tote, which sports the footwear’s straps as handles and a recognizable ventilation feature you can decorate with charms. Amusingly, it even arrives with a base resembling the clogs’ soles, complete with contour lines, to “keep your tote standing up.”

A new lineup of crossbody bags can be worn four ways: as a crossbody, wristlet, clutch, and hip bag.

Aside from their aesthetics, the carriers are also functional, thanks to their waterproof EVA material. Check them out here.

Fascinated by all things meta? Crocs have also received their own fanny packs.

Image via Optari

[via Bored Panda, images via Optari]