‘Creme Egg’-Flavored Fudge ‘Vaginas’ Bring Sweet Pleasure To Your Taste Buds1 min read

Image via Fudgeina

This Easter, tickle your g-spot—and by that, we mean your gluttonous spot—with decadent, sweet-tasting “vaginas.”

Artisan confectionery maker Fudgeina creates exactly as its name suggests: vulva-shaped fudge, and like the real deal, it is sure to melt with the motions of your warm tongue.

Flavors include strawberry and vanilla, as well as an actual chocolate variation for people who aren’t into fudge, but Easter beckons a special treat: ‘Creme Egg’-flavored ‘Fudgeinas’.

If you’d like to stroke the part of someone’s brain that stimulates surprised reactions, the goodies can be delivered to anybody in the world, even anonymously. They can also be accompanied with a personal message or… a condom.

“We’ll put a condom in with the delivery to let your friend know what you expect them to do with it,” the company’s website claims.

‘Fudgeinas’ are also essentially for everyone, as they are completely vegan. The only time they might have meat in them is “if you put it there,” founder Matthew Garbutt tells LADbible. No, don’t get any ideas.

Each ‘Fudgeina’ measures six-inches-long, three inches in width, and one-inch deep. The ‘Creme Egg’ version is priced at £11.99 (US$15.70); find out more here.

Admittedly, not everybody is into vaginas, so if these are a little too provocative for you, Heinz’s ‘Creme Egg’ mayonnaise could be your new favorite Easter delight.

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[via LADbible, images via Fudgeina]