Creative Studio’s Andy Warhol-Themed Nike ‘Air Force 1’ Might Make Artists Swoon1 min read

Image via REENO Studios

Florida-based clothing brand REENO Studios recently shared an Andy Warhol x Nike ‘Air Force 1’ digital concept design that fans of the American artist might love.

Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup Cans dominate the shoe’s upper, while the banana that graced the Velvet Underground’s 1967 debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico, has taken over Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ logo.

The artist’s signature sits at the mid-foot area, below a pink lining and blue shoelace, referencing the hues commonly found in Warhol’s creations.

Would you love to see this concept design turned into reality?

[via reenostus]