Creative Director Explains Every Marvel Film Poster Design Ever Made For The MCU1 min read

Indika Entertainment’s Creative Director James Verdesoto, designer behind some of the most famous posters in Hollywood such as those for Pulp Fiction and Ocean’s Eleven, has collaborated with Vanity Fair to explain every Marvel film poster ever made for the MCU.

In the video, Verdesoto explains about the language of various film posters ranging from Avengers: The Age of Ultron to Captain Marvel.

He also compares these posters to their comic book cover counterparts, touching on how the graphic artworks retain the positions and postures of certain superheroes.

The artist reveals that he doesn’t particularly favor the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster, which had received a fair amount of critique from social media users.

Find out more inside the video below.

[via Vanity Fair, opening image via Vanity Fair]