Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Attempts College Photoshop Scam To ‘Get Into Harvard’2 min read

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Chrissy Teigen might be an esteemed model, home chef, and the official “mayor” of Twitter, but there’s one thing she hasn’t accomplished: get into Harvard University. All that might change, if college administrators were to buy into her attempt at being accepted.

In what has been deemed the greatest college admissions scandal in history, a number of parents have been caught paying for their children to secure spots in elite universities like Yale and the University of Southern California.

According to court documents, parents paid William Singer, founder of college preparation company The Key, between US$250,000 and US$450,000—with some of them forking out as much as US$6.5 million.

In turn, Singer enlisted a complex network of associates, including test administrators, to doctor scores and Photoshop clients’ children into images to make them look like high achievers.

Mother Devin Sloane had emailed a graphic designer to Photoshop her son to look as if he was playing water polo in a pool. Another mother, Elisabeth Kimmel, was charged for digitally altering her son to appear like a pro pole vaulter; in actual fact, he had never tried the activity before.

All of this was done at the expense of less privileged students who had invested actual effort into securing spots in good schools.

Poking fun at the ridiculousness of this scandal, Teigen decided to partake in the scam in an attempt to “get into Harvard.”

The star awfully composited the heads of herself, her husband John Legend, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins and her husband Mike Rosenthal, onto the bodies of soccer players.

“Does this look real?” she mocked on Twitter. “We are trying to get into Harvard.”

A+ for humor, Teigen.

[via Refinery 29, images via various sources]